Biggest RSCDawn update.
Posted By Dev | 14-03-2021

Hello all!

This is one of the biggest RSCDawn updates what have been done!

Slayer shop rework:

The slayer shop has been redone with 3 new items.

Gold Picker: Once unlocked this will pick any NPC dropped coins. (This is a account unlockable so no item needed)
Rune Pouch! (See below for more details)
AFK Recipe (See below for more details)

Rune Pouch Features:
Store unlimited amount of 3 type of runes
Automatically pick npc drops on the runes in the pouch
Runes will be used from the pouch instead of taking inventory spaces.
On player death all runes in pouch will be dropped.
Rune pouch is tradable.


AFK Recipe:
This is a new recipe allowing players to AFK for longer periods of time, Each sip will keep you logged in for 3 hours (4 hours for premium subs)

To make a afk pot, You'll need sugar (from grinded sugar beets) as well as Monster Herb (Dropped by chaos druids)

First runescape classic instance bossing system:
Thats right! It's completed.. This instance system allows you to fight bosses away from everyone else on your own layer, Want to try get the best in game kill time?

Come kill the king black dragon!

Top right hand corner is your kill time of the npc, Once the timer goes red you've not beaten your personal best kill time.

Come over and talk to the protector to spend your war points

War points are exchangable for faster batch times, For example mining is 2000ms per batch, Once unlocked it'll be 1000ms, For the bigger gains!


Other updates:
All runes drops have been doubled.
Fixed issue with PK Builds and drops.
Fixed super set draining.

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