The Great War
Posted By Dev | 05-03-2021

Hello all,

For the past week I've been listening to suggestions about PKing, And came up with a solution what should make everyone happy.

Free layer 1 pking, RSCDawn has been leading the way of unique possibilities within our engine this brings layer pking, Anyone can login to RSCDawn and make there way over to the war building (Going to be the home of instances and more)


The portals will take you to the PK Build setup
The player can select the build they want and be teleported to layer 1 pking, This pking doesn't interfere with any real game play, You can not see legit layer 0 players in this layer and only be allowed to PK other layer pkers.

There is going to be upcoming updates to this system with more build options etc.

RSCDawn Team

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