Developer Log
Posted By Dev | 19-02-2021

Hello all!
Hopefully the grind towards all your 78 stakers are going well, Here is the list of updates for the week.

Bounty skulls;
A bounty skull is a red skull gaining you 2x more experience in the wilderness, But it comes at a cost of 200k. Talk to death near the fishing barrels in edge.

If you logout you will lose your skull
Once you've entered wilderness it'll set you to "Wildy" meaning if you leave wild your skull will disappear
You can not kill your own accounts or mass kill from friends

Widget movements!
In game (PC Users only) press F2 and you'll be allowed to move your inventory and minimap around the screen

Improved shift dropping:

Wined accounts:
Nobody can wine any accounts no more

Staker builds:
Staker builds are now noticeable through the sword icon on global chat

Random updates;
Fixed the client bug when going over the exceeded npc indexes.
Fixed off clicking on android
Fixed android cache saving.

RSCDawn Team

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