Developer Log + Double Experience
Posted By Dev | 12-02-2021

Hello all,

The week of development! We've been working on the achievements system
The system is in the game ready to go live after we finish some more achievements, But please bare with us while we finish it off.

World Map:
The world map is now live!

Staking Master:
The stake master is now in lumby ready to select you brave stakers on the staking (16x xp rates quests completed auto ammy + klanks) dragon slayer, lost city and heros are unlocked (Stakers can not get any NPC drops)

New dueling:
The new dueling options will disable custom items, armour or even weapons. Allowing the players to have more interaction with there staking needs.

Double experience!
Double experience will be running till 12PM GMT on Sunday, So get your gains in!

RSCDawn Team

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