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Easter Events

Easter Event ( Bunny hunt )

Taking place in a magical island of magical world of Dawn
Goal is to set traps and catch as many bunnies as you can.
Event will run for a full week so you all should have plenty of time to catch a few bunnies!

[Image: unknown.png]

Rewards are points which you can use to buy yourself a new Staff of Easter with awesome features,
unlimited elemental runes based on staff color or you can use it for other type of reward listed below.

- Edgeville (north of general store)
- Talk to "Bunny Master" and journey begins, if you want to leave just talk to "Bunny Master" again.

How to:
- Use Logs with Fishing net to create a "Snare"
- Search the bushes for bunnies
- Every bunny caught gives you 1 point, you can access the rewards shop by talking to the Master again

 - Fishing net ( You may need a few of these )
 - Hatchet (recommended) possibly some woodcutting experience 
- Brown Staff (Air + Earth) : 10 points
 - Blue Staff (Air + Water) : 10 points
 - Red Staff (Air + Fire) : 10 points
 - Bunny Ears : 15 points
 - Easter Egg :15 points

 - Combat Experience(50k) 10 points
 - Prayer, Magic Or Ranged Experience (50k) 10 points

The RSCDawn Team wishes you all Happy and Joyful easter!

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