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in-game moderator application

Name: Cameron L Saylor

Game  Aliases: Kastiele

Age: 26

Location: Wenatchee washington/ central washington

Timezone: (GMT/US/Europe/Asia etc) Pacific daylight time

How many hours a day/week do you usually play? i am currently unemployed and play everyday several hours a day.

Staff position your interested in? (Game & Player Moderator, Forum Moderator) in-game moderator.

Past Experience? (Have you been a moderator of another server?) i have never been a moderator on any other server or game.

What can you bring to our team? I believe that i could bring a kind giving spirit into the team because not many players who join stay recently, i try to help the newer players get used to the game so they continue to play. i have nothing really important going on in my personal life right now and i love this server, i have tried others and as they have more players this one is much better i.m.o. my intent of wanting to be in-game moderator is to try to bring new players to see the server the same way that i do. i have explored the in-game world and am knowledgeable about most things regarding in-game content. I hope that you give my application some thought as i would love to help out the team in any way they need me to if its in my ability to do so. 

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