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RSCRevolution transfers

Hello all, 

We're doing RSCRevolution stat transfers with our unique transfer system. 

[Image: WaHcsl7.gif]

To transfer an account stats to RSCDawn you firstly need to enter your login details to RSCRevolution (Game login not forums) here

Once you've entered your details our automated system will login to your RSCRevolution account grab your stats and then you can confirm if you would like to transfer them. Please remember you'll need to be logged out of RSCRevolution for this process to work. It roughly takes about 2 minutes to 24 hours for a transfer to complete normally within 2 minutes.

If you've 2 stage enabled the site will prompt you to verify it by your email then ask you to repeat the process.

RSCDawn Team


i know this is off-topic, but you could get someone to help me with this?
i havent gotten a reply and it happened 5 days ago

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