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Name:Nick Gibbons

Game Aliases: Sirkiller, Sir Bank, Sir Box, Sir Pker

Age: 22

Location: United States, CT

Timezone: (GMT/US/Europe/Asia etc) US (eastern)

How many hours a day/week do you usually play? I play for at least couple hours everyday all week, I would like to say around 5 hours a day.

Staff position your interested in? (Game & Player Moderator, Forum Moderator) Fourm Moderator

Past Experience? (Have you been a moderator of another server?) Yes

What can you bring to our team? I could bring a good attitude to the team, I would make sure everyone is being friendly and not to harsh to others as some might be kids or some that are sensitive. I will make sure everyone is satisfied  with their gaming experience and how to make it better for them to enjoy and really take in the enjoyment of the server that I receive.

A little bit about myself~~ I have seizure's I am active throughout the day but I make sure to hop on RSCDawn everyday and see how everything is doing. I play basketball when I have free time, I can be joking one moment then be completely serious the next. I hope you guys pick the best person for the position and make the server more enjoyable to play. I'll be here waiting.
Fuck off scoobs..

Can approve. Said 'fuck you', he was joking one moment but was serious next because he was inside me; then he seizured and it was the best anyone's given me.

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