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For New Players

Howdy, I'm a somewhat newbish player myself, and I thought I'd share some common pointers.

Firstly, getchyoself some maps;
World Map
Wilderness Map
Might as well save them on your phone or desktop.

Then love yo'self and bookmark the RuneScape Classic Wiki:
Whenever you have a question, save some face, and check the wiki or Google first. Remember to enter RuneScape Classic or RSC first because, believe it or not, there are garbage versions of RuneScape that unenlightened lost souls play; the Lord was clearly not their shepherd. If you can't find your answer, after being the resourceful little nub you are, go ahead and harass some people. Not everyone can afford a restraining order in this economy, amirite? Edgeville serves as the town center where people congregate, talk, trade, and show each other their wieners. If you want everyone to know what an idiot you are over global, go ahead and type ::say (your message here minus the parenthesis).
You may have seen some colorful text other players have been shouting, and you're a jealous artist that needs to express yourself or garner attention to sell that cheap anchovy no one's ever gonna buy. So change your vapid life and fool people into thinking your a veteran with this reference:
Oh yee, now we know how to be an annoying nub.

Hungry? There's free tuna north of Edgeville at the edge of wilderness. Pic
You can replenish your inventory with "PK Food" once every 5 minutes and it will not save when logging.

If you're going to level combat, might as well kill 2 birds by completing Slayer tasks at the same time. Please check out Evan's guide here:
The first Slayer task master is closely Northeast of Edgeville in lvl 2 wilderness. Pic
Every 10 tasks grabs you a double xp token AND if you accumulate 1000 points you can buy the strongest weapon in the game, the Slayer 2-Handed Sword which boasts 85 Weapon Aim and 85 Weapon Power. NSFW
The second task master can be found by going out the East exit of Varrock and following the path North along the fence. If you get to the third task master and find his tasks too difficult or long, you can always return to the second.

Some places you can afk train where the monsters always aggro: Rats North of Varrock; Thugs next to the first Slayer hut or in Edgeville dungeon next to bank; Hobgoblins South of Lava Maze; my personal but dangerous favorite, Pirates West of Mage Bank (needs Thieving and lock pick, check wiki).

Where to sell? There's grey carts that serve as the Market in major cities, also commonly referred to as "AH" or Auction House. When people say, "hm" it's short for, how much.
Now your nubass may be wondering what to sell and the selling value. You can say, "pc" or, politically correct... or, price check. Pay attention to what's in demand. Herbs are an item that you can acquire at low levels that can be sold for a thousand or several, depending on which herb. Check the wiki for the herbs people commonly turn to potions which are Strength pots, Prayer pots, and Super pots. Some potion ingredients are easy to acquire and necessary to go alongside herbs as well. When you're stronger you can farm monsters that have rare drops like Fire Giants or dragons. FYI Dragon Bones are an item in demand as it gives a nice chunk of Prayer xp. Most people train their magic high enough to use High Alchemy to turn decent value items too difficult to sell into gold. When alching you should consider the price of Nats, or Nature runes, and make sure the difference is better than npcing an item and the rune value. You can sell cheap items at the General Store. Some runes to collect are Nature, Law, Cosmic, Death, and Blood; out of these, Nature is the most commonly needed as it is consumed for alchemy and smelting metals. Ores are also an item you can mine and profit from.

Remember to check out your settings where you can add your HP value to the side of screen and adjust the zoom. When I'm in the wilderness, I prefer to be zoomed out and check map to make sure no bastard PK'ers are lookin' for a snack.

If you die, you'll spawn with your 3 most valuable items, which the system's item value and your personal value for an item may not align. Example: Rune equips have priority over a Slayer Amulet.

Some commands to note:
::info (tells you subscription time and double xp token time remaining)
::online (how many players on)
::onlinelist (which friends and fuckfaces are online which could save your life in Wilderness)
::wildy (your threats or prey out there)
::skull (gives you skull status which means you lose EVERYTHING on hand upon death, but will give you slightly more xp when training; care)
::vote and ::event (participate in event)
::eventvote (create an event; don't spam and abuse)

Some Wilderness info:
Players can only attack you if they're within the Wilderness level's amount of your Combat Level. Ex: Your level is 40, spooky player is 50, and Wilderness level is 10. Beware you can't log out unless you've not been attacked for 10 seconds.
Some players will always attack you and some want to just farm. I'm a player that never attacks and because I'm passive, people rarely attack me. Your reputation matters, dont be senseless if you're not prepared for the consequences.
When gaining XP in the Wild, you gain more than you would outside of it. Ex: Burying bones.

Don't be intimidated by events, you're only going to learn by joining and losing many before you catch onto habits. In combat tournaments, check if you need to cast magic and use prayer. Use your pots near end of countdown. Pace your food, try not to eat a shark worth 20hp if you're only missing 10. Figure out timing; when to change stances or break off a fight to heal quickly. Example of a strategy: You're at 40/72hp so you break away right after you hit your opponent, you consume some food and get an arrow in before re-engaging. Against experienced players you're trying to out endure them and not waste food. Micro-actions matter and the best pvpers win consistently despite RNG playing into damage.
King Black Dragon event you just try to keep out of KBD's path.
Maze you want to move action where you get a yellow crosshair (on bare path) and not red (clicking on monster). Ideally you might kill a low hp monster before the third turn and remember to not die. Paralyze Monster (prayer) is your friend.
Battlefield event, remember that your team focusing down one isolated enemy player is better than breaking up your damage amongst multiple targets. Players in melee combat are caught for 3 turns, that's your team's window to kill them before they can heal. Select weapon "use" on webs. Even if you suck and die, if your team wins, everybody gets a car :)
Lottery I recommend against unless you're willing to most likely lose your investment, but hey, people like to gamble. I won my first two lottos I played and got a mil and a half.

Don't spam you're buying Bunny Ears over and over, we heard you the last 7 times, asshole.
Obviously don't scam people or try to rip them off. People will spread your misdeeds fast and you want to be open to the community.
Being friendly and not greedy goes a long way. I've gotten many good deals, sale priority, and free items not being too much of a twat ;p
If someone needs help you're free to provide, why not? When new players ask questions I always try to answer; a lot of which I've asked myself. I also try to keep some lower tier gear like iron to give to players I see in bronze or when they ask for some help. Who knows, maybe they'll grow into a Gyarados and become your ally; never underestimate a new player.

When you start a new account, you have double xp for 24 hours. If you think you'll be sticking around, you should absolutely purchase a Subscription Token whether it's via PayPal in the Store or in game with that spare million gp you got layin' around. Subs will greatly increase your xp gains, extend your afk time, and provide more batch processing (more actions per click like fishing). You can also use a sub to complete a quest you don't feel like doing. Go to the Store section to buy a sub. More info here:

You can also check what NPC's drop what items by logging onto the RSCDawn discord in the bot-test section. Input, !npc (monster's exact name) or !item (item name).
Ex: !npc fire giant
There's also a bestiary in your settings under Social tab.
Discord link

Other links:
Info on equipping Rune Chest Plate without quest:

Firemaking skill gives Cooking bonus:

Ancient's New Player Guide with some info on skills:

Evans's Slayer Tour showing off some Slayer areas:

If you're curious you should check out the News and Updates section on forums.

Note: I'm not a staff member and just felt like making this as I repeatedly provide some of this information to new players. If I missed something let me know and I'll try to add it. Good luck out there.

Very nicely done my man.
Fuck off scoobs..

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