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Staff application: Sky

Name: Quincy

Game Aliases: Sky

Age: 22

Location: Belgium

Timezone: (GMT/US/Europe/Asia etc)
Central European

How many hours a day/week do you usually play? 
3-5 hours a day sometimes more, i usually play 30-50 hours if not more a week 
Staff position your interested in? (Game & Player Moderator, Forum Moderator)
Game & Player Moderator

Past Experience? (Have you been a moderator of another server?)
Yes, i was a Mod. In Heavenly(scape) 1 year untill it closed 

What can you bring to our team?
A helpfull and active team member. 
Some one who helps the ( new ) players and listen to them, make the game play for them beter and smoother. 
I assist and fix the problem if 1 occurs.
I'm neutral and won't pick a side.
Everyone is the same irl as in game
Everyone knows what I do and how much i commit myself to make the game beter with the small "powers" i have.

You were Sky this whole time? Sneaky bastard. Fix my bank >8(

Lmao bl0dzy wish's he was sky. Big Grin
Fuck off scoobs..

(05-30-2019, 11:42 PM)bing bing Wrote: Lmao bl0dzy wish's he was sky. Big Grin
I'm confuzzled. Bladdddh fixx mahh banchkkk. Ermergerhd.

Haha no he's not me :p 
I just posted my app. On wrong thread 
Btw thanks Bl0dzy to correct it
Pce Sky

Lmao Sky I told you, you posted it wrong. And you said it's fine.
Fuck off scoobs..

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