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Game Aliases:
Jol, Jul (lvl3events)
Timezone: (GMT/US/Europe/Asia etc)
Pacific Time
How many hours a day/week do you usually play?
Currently not working so I'm logged in everyday most hours.
Staff position your interested in? (Game & Player Moderator, Forum Moderator)
Whatever's needed.
Past Experience? (Have you been a moderator of another server?)
Never a mod of a server, but been a leader of guilds in other games, forum moderator, business owner and manager in my personal career.
What can you bring to our team?
First and foremost, my most charming aspect is my horrible personality and racist biggotry. I promise to sow chaos and use my powers to ban everyone who so much as to look at me or wince in my presence. I'd like to bring reform, using Alcatraz as a paradigm of criminal rehabilitation, and keep 60-95% of players on Easter Island. If I were to host events, I would donate items I've scammed off others in contests like, teleporting the newest unique player into deep wilderness and having the server hunt them to establish hierarchy and dominance. I'd track all bots 24/7 so I can spawn a bank chest next to them for convenience. Although I've only been playing a month, I will always offer help to new players and give them all 2 subs and several million instead of answering their questions so they can learn to be resourceful. If someone is being targeted for any reason whatsoever, whether they're in the right or wrong, I'd egg on witch-hunting to keep the server exciting and dynamic. I would influence the server with a rune fist and keep order with a Kafkaesque watch and paranoia. The power of moderator would flow directly to my ego and I would be an unstoppable force to eventually overthrow admins beginning with the smallest seeds of undermining and mutiny. In the extremely unlikely event I were to fail my conquest, I'd quit and encourage people to follow me to RSCEmu leaving a scorched Earth in my path. I believe my application establishes my no-nonsense tyrannaism and executable vision for communist Utopia. 
A little about me:
I like to adopt children, drive them to another state and leave them at the local Petco. I also like to play a little game where I sit in a dark walk-in closet, line the walls with mirrors, smoke a teeth and then scream until my neighbors call the police. Sometimes I parade public spaces nude and wrapped in raw sausage links shouting, "This is art!" and stare intensely at passerbys while performing yoga. Other than that I crochet things that aren't there in an antique 1800s rocking chair that my grandma died in while watching Sesame Street.

I think Mod Jihad has a nice ring to it.


All I gotta say is W.O.W :')
Fuck off scoobs..


Put me in coach, I'll paint Dawn into a Hellscape

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