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Alright everyone as you know I have been doing events all week. So for the grand finale I will drop 5 stacks of 1m GP 2 stacks random in edgeville, 1 stack in draynor, 1 stack in varrock, 1 stack in lumbridge! This will be on friday the 31st at 8PM Eastern Time. Later that night, I will try and give away acuple mill, so look out. There will be 5m total dropped, and I will try and or give away a Halloween Mask at some point next week, I hope you keep posted and want to come to these events. I try hard to make it fun for you players especially to give to new players and help them out for we can get a better playerbase. This is not the end of the events, next week I will be doing more events for better prizes. The more I get richer, The bigger the prizes become.

I hope you all enjoy the server, and hopefully you invite your family & friends. It's truly a good server, just needs time. And players so keep it up Smile

~~ Bing Bing/Sirkiller

P.S. I would also like to do a 41 pking event at castle and maybe a H&S
Fuck off scoobs..

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