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New Herblaw & Fletching Experience Tokens
112 days 15 hours ago ..

Today we've added herblaw and fletching double experience tokens.
Each costing 100 slayer points and last for 60 minutes.

**Be sure to use them before logging out**

Happy gaming all!

Slayer Sword & Amulet Update
113 days 17 hours ago ..

New stats for the slayer sword and amulet are now live.
Use them both together for much greater stats.

Update log (21st Feb)
124 days 14 hours ago ..

What is coming on the next reboot:
* Market Place: Total amount shown when buying multiple items
* New Slayer Tokens
* Zooming in super close and walking bug fixed
* ::commands list updated for players
* Bot detection fixes

Update log (20th Feb)
125 days 17 hours ago ..

* More p2p areas live & functional
* Gnome agility course active
* Thieving xp corrected
* Fletching xp corrected
* Crystal Key chest bug fixed
* Market Place buying/selling bug fixed
* Market Place stalls added to world

To do list:
* Adding a couple more p2p quests - More details soon
* Bug fix with cancel button in AH
* Drop alterations for some NPC's (Fire giants)
* Adding a 'members' list to website
* Adding cooking experience to the different fires
* Faster sleeping for subscribers

134 days 11 hours ago ..

Transferred successfully to a more powerful server.

* Setup custom CDN system allowing users to select what server to connect too (We got a total of 12 server connections and players can choose between what server for better latency)
* Bank pins are now in game (You may have to reload your client)
* Rewrote survival mini game thanks to Aussie for designing the area
* Setting up Team vs Team, Thanks to Mod Mout for setting up the area.
* Fixed the custom component interface clicking on android
* Rewrote how the SQL saves players, hopefully no more random wipes.
* Fixed the ByteBuf.release() netty leak.
* Base of the custom forums 50% completed
* Completed another 3 P2P quests.
* Had a beer or 2.

Stat Reduction & changes
136 days 5 hours ago ..


Many of you requested the ability to reduce combat stats, so we have added the ability to reduce experience gained by accident or wanting to change your character builds.

If you require this service, go find Mr Stat Reducer behind Edgeville Bank. He will ask you which combat stat you wish to reduce.
This service comes at a cost;
Combat Levels:
99 > 60 = 1 Sub Token
60 > 30 = 1 Sub Token
30 > 1 = 1 Sub Token
Tokens can be obtained from players in game, or via our store.

**Fixes & changes over the past few days**
-Fixed highscores toggling
-Kill streaks now only count if your victim is skulled
-Portal fees changed to 500gp
-Porting to wilderness from edgeville is free
-Magic spell power reduced from being over powered
-Issue with fps/lag on client resolved. No lag when using full screen or larger client.
-Android phones can now be locked without client reloading
-Free pk food at edgeville border, usable every 5 minutes and only be able to use up to level 5 wild.
-Slayer store updated; added experience tokens, runes and armour packages.
-Added player funded lottery, with staff ability to add items as prizes.

F2P Flats Tournament - Postponed!
Posted By evans | 15 days 0 hours ago ..

[color=#ff3333][size=x-large]Event Postponed due to large number of donation callbacks.[/size][/color]
[color=#ff3333][size=x-large]Sorry Guys![/size][/color]


Event: F2P Flats, Player Vs Player Tournament!

Time: GMT- 6pm - Do not be late. (will add timer shortly..)
Date: 16/6/19
1st - $100
2nd - $25
3rd - $10

We are aiming for 16-32 players to make this a great tournament. We will strictly enforce 1 IP per entry. Any one found using 2 accounts, will be kicked and removed from the tournament.

More Info:
- This is a FREE event to join. Our prizes are from the players donations. 
- Log in to any of your Characters. They can be ANY level to join.
- Using our event system, you will be able to join using ::event when the tournament is Live in game.
- You will be given risk free items to fight with. (and will be removed if you log out or die.)
- Strictly NO use of macros, autos or any form of 3rd party clients to aid your progression in the tournament. You will be kicked and banned if found to be using any of such.
- Staff will assist you before, during and after the event with any questions/issues you may have.
- The event will be recorded for promotional purposes.
Link to Event Area

Winners will need a Paypal address to receive funds from us, paid directly after the Tournament ends and results confirmed after the above Rules check.

Please post here if you are interested: [url=][/url][url=]CLICK HERE TO JOIN[/url]


NEW Team Death Match Events!
Posted By evans | 29 days 9 hours ago ..

[color=#ff3333]Today we release our new Team Death Match Event![/color]

Join our new event platform where you can fight against up to 8 different players!
In teams of 4 or 8, you have to defeat the other team to win. Winners will receive an event token to use or sell, and wagered events will be cashed out upon completion.

[color=#3333cc]The New Area:[/color]
Each team starts at each end of the map. Attack or defend your position. It's really up to you...

[color=#333399]At the Start:[/color]


- To start, type ::eventvote in game, and follow the in game prompts.
-8 or 16 players
-Full list of our preloaded builds available

[color=#3333cc]Ability To Add Wagers To The Events:[/color]


[color=#3333cc]Action Shots:[/color]

[color=#333399]Winners Get Tokens To Use or Sell..[/color]


While we continue developing features, we thank everyone for playing. We hope you have fun.

Calm Before The Storm..
Posted By evans | 35 days 15 hours ago ..

[color=#ff3333]Calm Before The Storm..[/color]
While it may have seemed quiet these last few weeks, the team haven't stopped working. Behind the scenes, framework has been developed to offer a new form of Service. More of which will be explained soon.
I write this post to keep anticipation high for this Server.

Right now, we can't say much. 


[color=#ff3333]To Be Completed:[/color]
- Create user-friendly method.
- Write an in-depth guide on how it works.
- Finish off our [color=#333399]NEW Game Mode[/color] for the new traffic expected to come.
- Continue work on [color=#3333cc]Members Quests.[/color]
[color=#333366]- [/color]Implement item/npc changes; drops etc.

[color=#ff3333]Other Info:[/color]
We welcome an excellent graphic designer, who's talent and vision is also our focus and aim. We hope to work along side each other, to bring you new Items/Monsters & Objects.

Introducing Our New PK Feature
Posted By evans | 58 days 9 hours ago ..

Greetings Dawn players,

Today we release a new PK feature. We have introduced a method to fast track to those desired PK builds. 40 1 99? 60 99 99? No problem..! 
By speaking to our PK Master, located in Lumbridge, he will offer you the chance to join the PK only builds. 
His requirements to join are that you have no advances in any skilling levels, woodcut, crafting, fishing etc.
Be warned, he does not like anyone who has skilled anything but combat levels...

[i]It is recommended that you create a new account via the website or game client and then speak to the PK Master. You cannot ask to become a PK build if you are over level 10 combat, or have any skilling levels.[/i]

Benefits of being a PK Build:

14x normal combat experience or [i]19.5x with the free 24 hour sub! (For new registered accounts)[/i]

By adding one sub rates are:

By adding two subs and becoming a premium subscriber:

By becoming a premium player and using a combat double experience token, won via events:

More info regarding subscriptions can be found here:

PK Builds will earn increased drops of stackable items. With higher % of armour and weapons drops from NPCS.

[u]Things to note:[/u]
-PK builds can [u]not[/u] duel other players.
-They can [u]not[/u] gain any other skilling levels except combat.
-You can not revert back to a normal play mode. 
-If you're over level 10 or have even level 2 in fire-making, the master will kill you.
-If you already have a PK build, and over level 10 combat, you won't be able to join the PK build clan. Speak to staff to have your account manually changed if deemed to be eligible. 

We hope this brings more players to experience the most thrilling part of the original game. 
All activity in the Wilderness is dangerous, and remember that if you die skulled, you could lose everything..

If the wilderness is not your thing, please take a look here:
Our event system gives you the thrill of the Wilderness will no chance of loosing anything of your own.

[i][u]Please check back soon, for PK Builds only high score list and kill/death ratio tables.[/u][/i]

Thank you to all Dawn players for your continued support. We look forward to bringing new development to you all over the next few weeks.
Please contact a staff member if you have any issues/concerns, and remember... HAVE FUN!

As suggested
Posted By Dev | 65 days 5 hours ago ..

Hello dawn,

As suggested by some new users to get them going through the hard grinding times on dawn. We'll do a 24 hour double experience to help the new users out.

Remember new users get 24 hours access to all premium features including boosted XP so it would be perfect to get your 24 hour grind in now!

We've done plenty of updates to dawn recently adding new styling and etc in game.

Come try us today.


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