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PK Tournament for $$$
Posted By mod travis | 104 days 5 hours ago ..

Friday, February 18th at 5pm CST.
Combat level for the event is 80.
Whatever build you want.

1st place: $100 USD
2nd place: $50 USD
3rd place: $25 USD

Easter Event
Posted By Dev | 413 days 22 hours ago ..

Easter Event ( Bunny hunt )

Taking place in a magical island of magical world of Dawn
Goal is to set traps and catch as many bunnies as you can.
Event will run for a full week so you all should have plenty of time to catch a few bunnies!
Rewards are points which you can use to buy yourself a new Staff of Easter with awesome features,
unlimited elemental runes based on staff color or you can use it for other type of reward listed below.
- Fishing net ( You may need a few of these )
- Hatchet (recommended) possibly some woodcutting experience
- Brown Staff (Air + Earth) : 10 points
- Blue Staff (Air + Water) : 10 points
- Red Staff (Air + Fire) : 10 points
- Bunny Ears : 15 points
- Easter Egg :15 points
- Combat Experience(50k) 10 points
- Prayer, Magic Or Ranged Experience (50k) 10 points
The RSCDawn Team wishes you all Happy and Joyful easter!

24 hours double everything
Posted By Dev | 425 days 13 hours ago ..

We're hosting double everything but with a twist!

24 hours game play double experience to use until Sunday midnight GMT 21/3/21
All experience rates are doubled
Mining, Woodcutting, Fishing all resources are doubled
Slayer points are doubled
Barrow chests give 2 loot boxes instead of 1!

Anyone can login and there 24 game time will start from then, Once 21st midnight hits everyone's remaining time will be removed!


Biggest RSCDawn update.
Posted By Dev | 428 days 15 hours ago ..

Hello all!

This is one of the biggest RSCDawn updates what have been done!

Slayer shop rework:

The slayer shop has been redone with 3 new items.

Gold Picker: Once unlocked this will pick any NPC dropped coins. (This is a account unlockable so no item needed)
Rune Pouch! (See below for more details)
AFK Recipe (See below for more details)

Rune Pouch Features:
Store unlimited amount of 3 type of runes
Automatically pick npc drops on the runes in the pouch
Runes will be used from the pouch instead of taking inventory spaces.
On player death all runes in pouch will be dropped.
Rune pouch is tradable.


AFK Recipe:
This is a new recipe allowing players to AFK for longer periods of time, Each sip will keep you logged in for 3 hours (4 hours for premium subs)

To make a afk pot, You'll need sugar (from grinded sugar beets) as well as Monster Herb (Dropped by chaos druids)

First runescape classic instance bossing system:
Thats right! It's completed.. This instance system allows you to fight bosses away from everyone else on your own layer, Want to try get the best in game kill time?

Come kill the king black dragon!

Top right hand corner is your kill time of the npc, Once the timer goes red you've not beaten your personal best kill time.

Come over and talk to the protector to spend your war points

War points are exchangable for faster batch times, For example mining is 2000ms per batch, Once unlocked it'll be 1000ms, For the bigger gains!


Other updates:
All runes drops have been doubled.
Fixed issue with PK Builds and drops.
Fixed super set draining.

The Great War
Posted By Dev | 437 days 16 hours ago ..

Hello all,

For the past week I've been listening to suggestions about PKing, And came up with a solution what should make everyone happy.

Free layer 1 pking, RSCDawn has been leading the way of unique possibilities within our engine this brings layer pking, Anyone can login to RSCDawn and make there way over to the war building (Going to be the home of instances and more)


The portals will take you to the PK Build setup
The player can select the build they want and be teleported to layer 1 pking, This pking doesn't interfere with any real game play, You can not see legit layer 0 players in this layer and only be allowed to PK other layer pkers.

There is going to be upcoming updates to this system with more build options etc.

RSCDawn Team

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